"'I do know my own mind,' protested Anne. 'The trouble is, my mind changes and then I have to get acquainted with it again all over again.'"
~L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

I am a long-suffering sociology (or sociopathic, whichever suits the moment) graduate student using tumblr as an escape from the monotony of research, classes, bills, and grading.

This is a fan site dedicated to nothing in particular beyond my own randomness, and will therefore be a mix of Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Food, Graduate School, Arrow, Community and anything else that catches my fancy.

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Soli Deo Gloria

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Bats on motorcycles

Track: Ground Control to Major Tom
Artist: David Bowie
Album: cd1
Plays: 330


David Bowie  - Ground Control To Major Tom


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


I didn’t know I needed this. I don’t really drink but………….yeah


The city of Heracleion, now under water


Edward Okun (1872-1945, Polish)  - The War and Us, 1923


Ugly batman sweater ftw.

17% of cardiac surgeons are women, 17% of tenured professors are women. It just goes on and on. And isn’t that strange that that’s also the percentage of women in crowd scenes in movies? What if we’re actually training people to see that ratio as normal so that when you’re an adult, you don’t notice?

…We just heard a fascinating and disturbing study where they looked at the ratio of men and women in groups. And they found that if there’s 17% women, the men in the group think it’s 50-50. And if there’s 33% women, the men perceive that as there being more women in the room than men.


Source: NPR: Hollywood Needs More Women

Seriously, go listen to this.

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